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Publications and Presentations include the following:

Software Platforms for Mobile Applications for Agriculture Development. USAID/FHI360, October 2011. Also available at the USAID ICT and AG Community website.

Health Information Systems in Developing Countries - A Landscape Analysis. Ms. Liu was a senior researcher on the team that produced this paper for the Gates Foundation. May 2009. Also see the Vital Wave Research page.

Mobile Banking - The Key to Building Credit History For the Poor? Kenya Case Study: Linking Mobile Banking and Mobile Payment Platforms to Credit Bureaus. USAID/DAI, April 2009. Also see the microLINKS page.

Speaker's Corner 26: Outsourcing Options for Microfinance Institutions in which Emerging ICT Group led an online discussion from September 16-18, 2008 with specialists in ICT for development, ICT for microfinance, and banking IT and participants from around the world.

microNOTE - ICT Outsourcing Options for MFIs. USAID/DAI, September 2008. Also see the microLINKS page.

Microfinance Core MIS Systems - The Business Case for Outsourcing. USAID/DAI, September 2008. Also see the microLINKS page.

Outsourced Microfinance MIS Systems - A Decision Guide for Microfinance Institutions. USAID/DAI, September 2008. Also see the microLINKS page.

Outsourcing Options for Microfinance. presented at the 2008 Technology Forum: Access to Finance, hosted by CGAP and CAPAF in Yaoundé, Cameroon, July 2008.

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